Hello everyone. I was trying to come up with a creative way to incorporate digital cameras in my first grade classroom. I have used digital cameras in my classroom before but I need something new and fresh. Anyone have any good ideas?

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I use a digital camera to take pictures of my students on the 2nd day of school and I make a seating chart with them. It helps me learn their names faster (I'm a visual learner) and it is very useful to a substitute teacher. It is also funny to look back and see how much they have changed by the end of the year. (I'm sure my 10th graders change more than your 1st graders...but I'm sure it will still be pretty funny)
Years ago I presented a workshop called Digital Images and Wacky Stuff to Do with a Printer. The workshop is password protected: username necc password student

The links may not work any more but you might see some ideas you hadn't thought of, remember I wrote this 5-6 years ago, before Web 2.0 tools became available, so some of the ideas may seem "outdated". N.
I'm assuming you're looking for ways to get the kids using the cameras.

Looking at the AL curriculum I notice your students are supposed to identify basic properties of objects as well as basic traits of living things. You could either have them find something, photograph it and describe it using appropriate vocabulary or assign them a term and then hunt for something to photograph that meets that description.

If you grow things in the classroom the students could document the stages of development with the cameras.

I'm thinking there are some ways you could link it in with your Social Studies curriculum as well, but no specific ideas yet.

I'm sorry if those ideas aren't new and fresh, maybe you could share a little bit about what you've already been doing?
I have used a digital camera to create an animation project where each photo is an image in a progressive animation like doing stop motion but a little more basic...great introduction to animation concepts for kids as they see a series of Photos take life- you can put it together basic movie software like imovie or pc equivalent- or even (cringes) powerpoint- this is one they can do themselves!
WOW! You guys really respond quickly. I am so new to this blogging thing so this is really exciting. Nancy, I was able to get onto your site and look through a few things and see some really great information that I think I can use. Martha, your ideas are very similar to what I am wanting to do so thank you so much for sharing. Uskoob, I think your idea will work great when we start growing plants. We could use it to see the changes of plants over the whole unit. Thank you so much for sharing.
Good luck, Classroom 2.0 is wonderful for quick turn around. N.



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