I would really like to establish a morning routine with my 4th graders that is similar to what some teachers call "calendar math" in the lower grades (date, weather, patterns, etc.).

My first thought is to put Web widgets on our class blog http://web.me.com/sbullock/Mrs._Bullocks_Class/Newsletter_Blog/News... that individuals or small groups of students could check and report back on each day. So far I have the weather channel, a cluster map, and a live traffic feed. I'd like to add more information: kids' joke of the day, trivia, quote, interesting fact, etc.

Do you have any ideas? Has anyone done something similar?

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Great, thank you!
We bring RSS feed into our blog, we use it for writing starters but you could certainly use if for sharing news in science and nature. It's hard to find feed that is appropriate for young kids but I'll send you to a blog post I did on the feeds we use. Let me know if the links don't work, I wrote the post a year ago. N
The link works fine. Thank you for your help!
I do a similar routine each morning,but the questions are not put on a blog or other web site. My 4th graders enjoy finding a riddle of the day to share. (October 's are puns related to ghosts, witches, etc) We also have what happened on this date in history, a word problem of the day, a math vocabulary word, and the word of the day. Using the local newspaper you can share the national and local headlines. Someone could also report on happenings in the community. Yahooligans has great riddles and the history channel website has info about past events on a particular day
This is the first time I'm using a Ning discussion. I teach 4th grade in a small town(pop. 3,000) in PA



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