Gosh! I'm sorry I didn't think of this first, but we really SHOULD introduce ourselves, shouldn't we? :-)

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Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about!!!
I have the Harvey Daniels book and have not had a chance to read it. I have taught the strategies of literature circles to high school teachers in China so they can teach more creatively rather than just lecture. Harvey Daniels is quite a force!
Harvey Daniels and Stephanie Harvey teamed up to write a new version of Literature Circles. Is this what you are referring to, Melissa?
The new book Comprehension and Collaboration covers Literature Circles and beyond.  It goes into using small group Inquiry Circles in various areas of the curriculum.  It's a great read.
Hi Melissa. Our district is moving in the direction of having the children reading at their independent level during their reading block (using the basal reader sparingly as a common text) . We are definitely in the beginning stages of adopting this model. Because there are 7 elementary buildings, it is hard to have everyone on the same page.

Previously in my classroom, I used the RW model for about 4 years and loved it. I modeled my program after Debbie Miller, Harvey and Goudvis, Fountas and Pinnell. During my second year of implementing the program, Debbie Miller was a guest speaker at our school - it was a wonderful experience that lit the fire for a lot of teachers. Recently, a group of teachers and myself were able to attend a conference with Lucy Calkins as the speaker. As a result, RW is growing and more teachers are jumping on board.

As Marcy mentions below - we also use the toolkits as a resource and they are wonderful. I am more interested in a year long curriculum that is aligned vertically with grade levels. I have been unraveling Lucy's lessons that she wrote in conjunctiion with the Teacher's College in an effort to design a cohesive curriculum that is taught with the rigor necessary for student achievement. (I am using the draft copies, as her Primary Units are not in print quite yet - April cannot come soon enough). I am interested to look at the Program you mentioned. I don't know if my district would be willing to invest that much money into the program at this time due to the economy - many schools are closing in our area due to the state budget :0(

Do the teachers in your building create year long plans for RW? Do they meet with other grade levels to discuss the "new learning" that should occur year to year (scaffolded)?
I am a second grade teacher in south Georgia. I teach all subjects, but I have a reading specialist and feel that teaching reading and writing are my strengths. I am always seeking new ideas for my classroom. I love getting and giving suggestions for touchtone texts. Last year I began to integrate technology and reading by having my students blog and share in online discussions about literature. We use a wiki, but at this time I have it set to private. I have a passion for literacy, and I am excited to "talk" with others that share my passion!
My name is Laura and I have taught elementary school for 6 years. I have taught 1st grade for 5 years and this year being my 6th I will be teaching 2nd grade! I am looking for any fun ideas with reading and how to challenge my students during my literacy block!

My name is Emily Winterich and I just joined this group because I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to take an online course during the summer months through my school district called Web 2.0. Through this class we are learning about all of the different options for technology in the classroom and our most recent task was to join a 'ning' so here I am! I have explored through everything Classroom 2.0 has to offer and it is just so amazing that teachers from all over can collaborate and share ideas through a single site. I am in love with this!

I am certified K-5 in Ohio and got hired halfway through last year as a Title I Tutor at a district that I've had my eye on since moving to Ohio. Before that, I was teaching a Pre-k classroom after graduating from Slippery Rock University in 2006. I was working with third, fourth, and fifth graders that had IEP's and I couldn't have asked for a better position! It is so nice to be able to be part of a school community and I am just learning so much each and every day.

Currently I am teaching third grade summer school and having a blast. One month to go with that, as I continue to take this wonderful online course and a few other workshops here and there. I look forward to learning from all of you and I hope to have some good input for everyone out there as well.
Welcome, Emily! Good for you to be involved in a summer web 2.0 class. Please feel free to read through and contribute to any of our discussion threads.

Thanks for joining!
-Michelle TG
Hi All,
I'm a teacher-librarian at a PreK-5 urban public school in Southern NJ. Before moving to the library, I taught PreK, K, and 1st grade over the course of 14 years. Glad to be a part of this group!
Welcome, Ruth!
Nice to have another teacher-librarian in the group! I'm going to start a new thread on the topic of what's new in children's literature. Would love to have your thoughts! Look for it at http://www.classroom20.com/group/elementaryreadingteachers/forum -Michelle TG
Welcome, Judy!
So glad to have someone with such extensive experience in teaching and literature as part of our group!
Hope you enjoy that discussion on what's new in children's lit! I'm afraid my amazon bill might be a problem this month! :-)
-Michelle TG



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