Help! Our Department of Education has blocked YouTube videos on all computers in all institutions - yet there are some remarkable videos for teachers to use with their students. Has anyone managed to transfer or upload from YouTube to TeacherTube (which is not blocked by the DET). I could send a mine of them.

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I usually upload to both places so that people can see videos from home or school.
Thanks Mathew,
What I was after is to be able to send a video I have found on YouTube video to TeacherTube because the latter is the one that is not blocked at work and that is where our students access computers (they don't necessarily have computers at home). It looks like this has been answered below. I appreciate your response though.
Why don't you just make a webpage and put in your own player. Easy to "grab" youtube videos and put there for other teachers to download/use without internet access.

See my own example here and in particular, the prof. development folder. Hundreds of the best youtube videos already culled. Instantly downloadable - click the arrow!

In no way does this mean I agree with the youtube blocking presbyterian lunacy currently in vogue...

You could use this URL to download ( and then go to TeacherTube to upload. It's pretty easy to do.
You can also use a site like keepvid ( ) to download the video locally in either .flv (flash video) or mp4 (MPEG-4) and play it using VLC ( ) or another player.

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If you want to grab videos from YouTube, you may avoid using these download websites (too slow, to many ads). Use a Firefox extensions instead, e.g. video download helper

Also since these are flash video files (flv) you indeed can upload to teachertube. But you also can just put them on a webserver. For shorter flv files, you don't need a streaming server IMHO. Maybe just rename the flv files to some longer meaningful filename.
I think you'll want to be very careful about downloading videos from YouTube. I believe that their terms and conditions don't allow for that.
Try you can convert files or download Youtube to your computer. I find that downloading the videos and then importing them into presos or onto my website can take out the middleman and allow easier access to staff. My group doesn't always like to go find the video and would rather just go to an established site.



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