Hello Everyone!

I wonder if you can help me out?

I am going to be presenting at an ed tech conference next week, discussing my use of teacher created podcasts and screencasts or "masterycasts" and how they have impacted my classroom. I am going to be showing teachers how they can do the same, using their students iPods and mp3 players as teaching tools.

I am looking for other examples to show them! Please share what you have created to help kids, or the work of others you have seen as well. I know I am not the only teacher out there doing this! I am interested in resources and examples running from sites, ITunes (or similar aggregators), or other audio/video use of players of any type assisting learning.

How are educators using audio/video, iPods, and mp3's as teaching and learning tools?

Thanks for your help!

Sue P

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At the school I work at, students work on individual learning plans. So, last year created an individualized podcasting learning plan. It's a year old and needs to be updated, but it may be of use to you. http://www.ahs.osd.wednet.edu-a.googlepages.com/podcasting I also starting to require students to put at least one podcast on their web pages as part of their web page learning plans.
This is a great way for students to become familiar with podcasting and practice their writing skills! Thanks for offering this up!
I forgot to mention that I'm starting to teach students how to use their cell phones to create and upload podcasts. I also have used grand central to create and upload podcasts to blogger.


Thanks so much for the info! What grade level? What type of content will the students create? Any teacher created with the cell phones? IThis is the future for this, in my opinion. I have a www.masterymaze.mobi site as well, but have not figured out how to use it yet. That is next year's project. :)
I teach high school. The school I teach at uses independent learning plans so students do this on their own. I have them do a 30 second movie review using Audacity and then they do a commercial and then they do something of their choosing. I also signed up for a Grand Central (it's free) http://grandcentral.com/ telephone number and you can post podcasts through a phone right to blogger and other web pages. My web page http://www.ahs.osd.wednet.edu-a.googlepages.com/podcasting has some really useful podcasting resources.

Sue, We're getting ready to do our first podcasts---I think we have a great idea. We are doing a comprehensive study of the Titanic and students are going to podcast as passengers/crew. (Site under construction)

Do you have a written tutorial on how to do podcasts? You seem to do them with ease. N.
I have a simple blog post in the Blog of the Maze for a series on creating podcasts. I use Camtasia Studio. I will be adding more in the series. I also hope to create a podcast as well from the presentation I am giving next week. It is really easy to use Camtasia Studio. It is not opensource, but I believe it is worth the money for teacher use as production is fairly easy in multiple file formats. Our students use Audacity or Podium.
Thanks, of course I'll have to check them at home since your videos are blocked in my district!!!
Thanks Mike! Great stuff. Can you add these to ipod Educators as well-- perhaps in the Podcasting 101 as a resource? Thanks again.

Hi, Nancy. You'll appreciate this. My first taste of being a "contributor" through the Web came because of the Titanic--pulling the description from my blog just not to have to type it again:

"As a family history buff, some years ago I received an email from a woman asking if I had ever heard of a Kate Hargadon (my same last name) who had been the traveling companion of her grandmother on the Titanic. This intrigued me, so searched the web to find that all the Titanic websites had information on a young woman, spelled "Kate Hagardon," 17, from Ballysodare, Co Sligo, Ireland who boarded the Titanic at Queenstown and who died in the sinking. Because all of the members of the "Hargadon" family trace back to County Sligo in Ireland, it seemed possible to me that "Hagardon" was actually mis-transcribed from "Hargadon." I wrote the Irish Titanic Historical Society, who had someone look up the original passenger manifest, and found that "Kate Hargardon" was in fact "Kate Hargadon." All of the historical sites were informed, and for many years every mention of "Kate Hargadon" carried a footnote acknowledging me as the "historian" who had discovered this."
How cool is that? You may have read this about me on another discussion but my technology "passion" came from a single photograph activity explained by Jamie McKenzie years ago at a Classroom Connect or NECC conference. I said "wow, is that cool" and have een hooked ever since. IMHO, gimmicks can step aside, I think the best thing about the Internet is the availability of primary source documents. (hyperbole)
I've recently been creating online videos to help my students and other educators. Most of my stuff can be found at http://falconphysics.blip.tv

My current model is to create video lectures that students can use to review past lessons or as a replacement for in-class lecture, allowing me more time for labs (I teach science). Lecture replacements are accompanied by short online assessments created using Google Forms. This way I can see what they got and what they missed from my lectures and I know better what I need to re-cover during class. The idea is to make the limited amount of face to face time more efficient.



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