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My friend just sent me a link to, created by the music genome project. The general idea is you plug in a song you already like, and the program creates a radio play list for you. The program can *learn* too. If you don't like a song you tell it so, and the program adjusts the selections accordingly.

Really, really fun. I didn't have such great luck with my first radio station, but I have been listening happily to my second for about an hour now. Also great for exploring new genres. Try it, you'll like it!

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I believe Pandora is only currently available in the U.S. due to copyright restrictions. is a similar site that is available internationally. In fact, now allows listeners from the U.S., Germany, and a few other countries to search and listen for complete songs.

Hi Ellen
As it happens, I am listening to Pandora right now (the GooGooDolls are crankin').
I like how you can go in and see why they are choosing the songs they are choosing for your particular station. It's an interesting use of data in an Internet cloud.



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