120 upper elementary students for Photography -- shared iPads. How to have them show me the pix?

Can you think of some ways to make the following teaching assignment more successful? I am open to ideas and suggestions.


A recently-retired elementary school classroom teacher, I am teaching photography to 120 fourth and fifth graders over the coming semester. I will work with six classes of 19-23 for 45 minutes each during one day per week -- until mid-May. The school has a set of iPad3 machines; each iPad will have to serve as capture, viewing, and editing platform for six students -- one after the other. If possible, I want to evaluate and look at student work offline: I want to have the images available to me on some kind of cloud service.


There is a small chance that I will get permission to allow the parents or even the larger community to see these on line, but the fear of student images on the Internet is very strong among a few families and the school will be super cautious about any open posting. However, I would love to see each student have a page of images up on the web, if only temporarily. There is unlikely to be any way to print these images on the school network except one or two on a laser printer for teaching purposes.


Their goal is increased comfort with coming up with ideas, trying them, improving, and articulating these viewpoint or concepts. I will write a rubric about the work product that rewards doing their best to examine, improve and refine. I haven't figured out which core standard that is, but I will call it "Look, look again, and see."


I am trying to test GoogleDrive accounts that would allow each "Album" to save up at the end of the session. Yes, I realize that means entering the info for 130 named accounts… or does it? My first try downloading GoogleDrive without going through iTunes didn't work. Should I be able to download and install GoogleDrive without the AppStore(iTunes the same thing?)


Anyone have some suggestions? I am a Windows or Android guy and the iPad environment is making me a little crazy. I can't open iTunes accounts for these guys. I will probably use Guided Access to keep everyone on task.


Sorry this turned into such a long post.


Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii,

Jonathan Rawle

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