Just the other day, a colleague said to me, "Where do I even start when I'm asked to begin reading blogs?" and I thought it was a great question.

So, that's my ? to anyone out there. What are your top 3 blogs you'd recommend others to read about web 2.0, collaboration or anything technology-related? I'd like to create a list for teachers at my school of the most commonly recommended. Thanks for your help. :)

Mine are coolcatteacher.blogspot.com, utechtips.com and thefischbowl.blogspot.com

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I'm looking forward to following this thread, so I saved it in my RSS reader. My top three:


always learning
I read Dan Meyer, too. He irritates the heck out of me but it's refreshing that he actually looks at the best way to teach not just the whiz-bang of the tools. He also makes me think about the design of teaching.
That's way I like him. His fascination and obsession with design. It pushes me to think about it more.
From a real tech geek, check out

From Toys to Tools
I really like Janes e-Learning Pick of the day. She is also polling learning professionals on their top ten tech tools so go and contribute.

And not directly educationally oriented but Techcrunch for getting in on new web 2.0 apps

Beyond School

I know that's four, but two were already mentioned . . . and I'm justifying my breaking of the rules that way.
dy/dan is good, but he has enough love. Besides, he's how I found this discussion.

3σ → Left -- I just like it. Deal with it.
Mr. Pullen -- anecdotal and intelligent
Millard Fillmore's Bathtub -- usually, he links to good history resources.

Of course, it wouldn't be a discussion of blogs without shameless self-promotion.
You might try TeachEng.Us
I'm going to be a downer.
Personally, to get them started I'd get them into blogs which match their interests. Get them to buy into the idea. Then broaden them out later.

If I was trying to get someone interested in blogs I'd avoid most any edtech blogs if my focus was "web 2.0, collaboration or anything technology-related."

If my focus was technology/web 2.0 I'd probably go with http://radar.oreilly.com/ or maybe engadget (a little too hyper for my taste). Use the pros for things that aren't directly teaching related. They're generally paid for a reason- even in the nirvana of the Internets.

For teachers who don't seek out blogs on their own I'd tend towards writers that focus on their subjects/grades if possible. I think you'll lose people on sites similar to Warlick's where it's big fluffy ideas or self reporting (I'm in CO at a blah blah) a lot of the time rather than a focus on classroom use with solid examples. General blogs tend to be nice for people with interest and ideas about how to do things already but I don't think they fly nearly as well with the newer folk.

I'd also avoid the hyper-posters who make multiple posts a day. It's too easy for beginners to get behind, get overwhelmed and decide to give up. That'll probably rule out some of those above.

It's much harder that way, creating "individual blogging plans" but I'd bet it's more effective.

Not a downer at all. I agree that for many, the idea of reading someone else's blogs online is still very foreign. I started with adoption blogs while in the process of adopting myself, and that got me hooked and made it easier to make the transition to ed. tech and library blogs.

My own niche is with teachers who are just starting out, and I find that the idea blogs are great for that. The big picture blogs can easily be above people's head, and my conversations with newbies have let me know that they are looking for concrete ways to integrate technology and to connect with other teachers. In a nutshell, stop telling me about the philosophy and tell me exactly where to start. And even more importantly, give me the steps on how to do it at my level.

I started my own TLC blog for Tech/Library/Classroom ideas especially for that reason, and I still love coming across blogs that have great ideas to implement.

Let's consider "individual blogging plans" the differentiation for teachers of the 21st century. :)

Appreciate your thoughts...
There are three blogs that rank high on my list. All three are blogged by Singaporean educators. Siva, has been blogging for ages.

Siva ~ lecturer, teacher, guide, environmentalist, bike-rider, tech experimenter, legend.

Marcus ~ botanist, blogger, brilliant photographer, macro-photography that is world's best.

Kevin Lim ~ Social networking researcher based in the USA. He's a Mac cult leader who works at the Educational Technology Center and has gone mad taking the PhD program at the School of Informatics, University at Buffalo. Lifestreamer.

Well worth a look. Inspirational.


A huge thanks for all the great ideas thus far. It has opened my eyes to some new blogs as well.



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