We use Will and Going to when we want to refer the future, but sometimas could be very confusing to know which one to use.

There is a slight difference between the two but in the most causes can be used with no differences in meaning. Even a native speake is going to understand you without problems


Will vs Going to: Uses



- Fast Decisions (For thinks we decide to do right now)                                                       

Example: I will buy a car      


- Offers

Example: I will help you with that.

- Threat

Example: If you don't study, I will tell your mother.

- Refusal (When we refuse to do something we use Won't)

Example: I won't go to the concert tomorrow.

- Promise

Example: Don't worry, I will keep the secret

Going to

- Plan

Example: When you are planing something or decision was made before the moment of speaking: Im going to travel to Concepcion next weekend.

- Signs

Example: When there are signs of something is going to happen.

I feel dizzy, i think i'm going to vomit.

Actually we can use Will and Going to make predictions.

We use will for predictions when we have no real evidence: It will rain tomorrow! (It's a feeling but i can't be sure)

We use going to for predictions when we have some real evidence: It's going to rain tomorrow! (You see a big, black cloud in the sky so if it doesn't rain i'll be very surprised)

I think it will tonight.

I think it's going to rain tonight.

Its 8:30!, I think i'm going to miss the train

Its to late!, I think i will miss the train


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