Two weeks ago, I was asked by my Superintendent to work with our leadership team (principals and educational services) to train them specifically on PBL, but also on 21st century learning, 1-1, and individualized instruction...


It's encouraging to have a Superintendent who gets that we need to walk the talk, and wants us to have a game plan.


I've had two hours with them so far. During our time, they've set a few goals for how to bring it back to their campuses. Here are some of them:

What action will we take based on my learning?
  • Model features of PBL when working with teachers, i.e. the essential question.
  • Helping the teachers at our site to have a more clear understanding of PBL.
  • Giving them time to collaborate with thier learning communities to share their PBL experiences.
  • Look at formative assessments and build Bloom's into it.
  • Create guiding questions to help start discussions on PBL.
  • Use the collaboration coaches to guide conversations and share ideas out.
  • Share specific resources such as sites/posts with PBL examples/discussions.
  • When reading lessons plans and noticing evidence of PBL, have teacher share with staff through email or staff meeting.

What would you suggest as a first step for helping create culture and pedagogy to foster PBL?

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