How else would you title something that you want to post on a blog?  I often try to conceptualize that very thought and put it into writing.  Do you start with your interests and hope someone also shares with you?  Do you create and interesting story that may or may have not happened to you in order to get a response?


Social networking is one of those newer schools of thought when it comes to these questions also, yet there are those who know exactly how to answer those same questions.  If you social network, do you facebook or do you simply blog and have a devoted following?  Defining what you do to be a social networker may be as simple as using a single source to project your thoughts or feelings about topics as random as what you find on youtube.


The whole point to all of this is found within what we call it "social" networking.  The purpose of being social requires response from others and the internet can provide either infinite or none depending on what has been posted.  So faith is part of this new era of being social.  We put faith into an infinite space hoping to be responded to.  Strange but true.  We totally rely on or have faith in the hopes that someone will recognize that we had something to say and go beyond reading by responding either with a "like" or a "comment."


Enjoy the thoughts and we will see how you feel if you find this.


Clifton Fraley-Burgett

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