I like to use the term "digital dinosaur" which means that I'm neither a digital immigrant or native - I'm extinct. I still send off for a calendar, I rarely use my cell phone and I don't text. I'll tell you why, I feel that people are becoming disconnected with the use of technology as opposed to connected. I do not feel connected to someone when I'm writing an email but when I get a phone call at home, I love it.

Yes, I agree that the world has become smaller thanks to technology but has has it become better - and will it save us? Hmm...

Well, here's my digital story.

My husband forced me to get on a computer when we moved to Okinawa, Japan thirteen years ago. I was able to use e-mail pretty successfully. A few years later I got a cell phone for the sake of my kids. Nine years later I became a teacher with the Olathe school district and they forced me to do my grades - on the computer! Then I had to create a web-page. It was all too much. So, yes, I am more of a digital immigrant than a dinosaur.

Just like an immigrant to a new country, I feel overwhelmed at times. There is so much info and so many ressources out there but as a teacher, I know it's best to learn these new ways. I completely agree with the articles. I have to remind myself that I want them to learn and not to make myself comfortable teaching in front of them using old methods.

Currently I am helping my students make a movie for their French IV and V class. It's scaring the pants off of me - I've already managed to erase footage and I'm terrified it won't work on Movie Maker. We'll see. Yep, Brad, you may get a few e-mails about that. I have to tell you though, that same class LOVED my Morocco movie that I made - thanks to your help I was able to do it.

Overall, as a teacher, what works best for me is to use a variety of ressources and strategies. Students know that when they come to my class, we will not do the same thing every day or learn the same way. If nothing else, technology certainly helps with that.

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Comment by Diane on January 31, 2009 at 7:15am
Well, it has happened again. I joined classroom20.com and I have now spent about six hours looking at various documents in two days. It's addicting. I have found some great ressources for my class which I already plan to use. See what you have done Brad:)


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