Take your pick of innovative ideas at Wisconsin education conference: Project Based learning, digital technology, games and learning, and more . . .

Interested in any of the following mini conferences near Milwaukee on April 20 and 21st?
(Number 2 seems interesting to me.)

The Wisconsin Charter Schools Association is hosting their annual conference in Waukesha at the Country Springs Hotel (about 20 minutes west of Milwaukee). I have to say, they have put together a pretty interesting conference, and they promise that all the sessions will be interactive.

Go to www.wicharterschools.org for registration information.

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Mini Conferences
1. Project Based Learning

In Wisconsin we have Project Based Learning Charter Schools that are national models. Many schools now want to adopt an educational model that incorporates Project Based Learning. The sad fact is many educators do not understand how to make Project Based learning work. Certainly, it is not for every student, but this approach works for many students—both at the high end, students bored by a traditional school model and for at risk kids, who without Project Based learning would probably not be in school at all. This is an exciting and challenging model.

Our mini conference team includes the very best award winning school leaders and advisors of Project Based Schools throughout Wisconsin .

2. Digital Technology, Games and Learning

Everyone knows digital technology is transforming education in the United States . Many traditional educations fear it as an intrusion into the teacher centric model of schooling. Actually, there is nothing to fear. This mini conference will show you how to incorporate cutting edge technologies into education.

Our mini conference team includes James Gee, the national leader in this area as well as the leaders of Games, Learning and Society, from the UW, School of Education . This is the “A” team in the United States working on educational technology. It is not only interesting, it is down right fun.

3. Innovative Teaching

Technology will never replace great teachers. They are and will continue to be the single best indicators of school performance. Great teachers keep pushing the limits and thinking outside the box. What we are talking about in this mini conference is how to educate kids—not just school them. This means preparing them to be constructive citizens as well as people who will live lives of deep and lasting quality.

This mini conference will take a group out of the hotel and into Milwaukee streets to demonstrate a new approach to place based learning. Teachers will demonstrate breakthrough methods for student discourse using applications like Second Life and student forums.

4. School Performance

No issue in the United States is more controversial than “school performance.” What actually does it mean and what defines the difference between schools that perform and those that don’t? Is the difference the educational method? Are performing schools different in the inner city than in the suburbs? Do performing schools have something in common deeper and more important than their regional and pedagogical differences? You may be surprised by the answers.

Our mini conference team brings you school leaders with absolutely stunning performance, a district superintendent with a Silicon Valley approach to education and the person who literally wrote the book on school performance in Wisconsin.

5. Charter School Governance and Business

Operating a Charter School is hard—but a highly rewarding and enriching experience. How do you start a school? What is a real Charter School ? How do you create an effective Governing Council? How do you attract resources? The questions are endless. Well, we have all the answers.

Our mini conference team, sponsored by DPI includes experts in every aspect of creating and operating a successful Charter School .

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