Results of Twitter Poll "If you could change your job title, what would it be?"

Yesterday, @eduinnovation and I were discussing the idea of changing job titles on Twitter. As a result of that discussion, I posted the question: “If you could change your job title, what would it be?” as a Twitter poll. The following are responses that were given. No requirements on job title were given. Below are the responses from all who participated. I enjoyed reading and contemplating the ideas behind each suggestion. As I thought of each title while reading it I found internal pictures forming making me reconsider each title. If I missed your comment, it is probably because it was not sent @gardenglen and I had trouble sorting through the many tweets I follow for it. PLEASE resend if that happened and I will update the post. Thanks so much to everyone who participated, this was fun!

@AmyKCrawford "firestarter" MAGNET? Motivated, Amiable, Generous (with hugs and praise), kNowledgeable, Energetic TEACHER
@bethstill Educational Facilitator
@cbrannon mister professional learning facilitator
@damian613 CNO (Chief Napping Officer) or Undersecretary of Tomfoolery
@ dmcordell "Searcher"...for information, for connections, for new ideas and different perspectives
@e_shep minus the expert part of being a maven
@ edteck Guy from Someplace Else With a PowerPoint
@eduinnovation Wisdom 5.0 ICE Cube Make
@ehoffman Lottery Winner and Philanthropist Extraordinaire
@fulkb Global Commander
@futureofedu "Integration Coach for 21st Century Skills"
@gardenglen – Inquiry Instigator or Science processes and skills concierge
@glovely independent educator
@hello_newman Leadership Director
@j_allen Asst. Supt of Intelligent Considerations or Department Translator
@joelz learning coach or learning specialist
@kellyhines classroom queen or Dream Weaver or Learning Engineer NO ROCKSTAR … Final VOTE!
@lorisheldon teacher
@mbjorgensen Professional Development Trainer or Teacher. As long as a title means a job call me whatever!
@MHockaday CIG (Chief Instructional Guru) HHIC Head Hinney In Charge
@milobo Faculty Professional Growth Mentor
@monarchlibrary Tourist
@mrshaines Master Solver of Problems
@paulawhite Curriculum Differentiation Partner
@rkeller89 Head Coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers or President of the United States
@seani "not Daddy"
@sarahhanawald Empress of Integrated Learning
@TeachaKidd INSTRUCTIONAL Technology Program Specialist
@tee62 Community Builder or Free Therapist
@tonyfarley Teacher ----> Cinematographer
@Trilobitten "supreme commander"
@Twilliamson15 Professional Hormone Wrangler (middle school)
@vbek Dir. of Integrated Technologies
@whynott88 Pest

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