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Being in a class that is designed to expose me to as many of the Web 2.0 tools that are out there available to assist in education has been a bit overwhelming. I’ve never run my own classroom and am not sure whether I would be very good at it. But I can say that many of the available tools could definitely help get me organized.
I’ve been involved with repairing both software and hardware on computers for some time now. I think the fact that my time in front of a monitor has been mostly work, many times dealing with the security side of networking, is why I find it difficult to be “social” on the computer. I would consider myself an extremely social person. I would always rather discuss issues with people than attempt to express myself in writing that will, or could be open for anyone to read.
When I hear these stories of people making inappropriate comments on their Facebook or Myspace it just reaffirms that my apprehension is merited. It makes me wonder how many of these situations are due to the individual being too comfortable with the social networking sites that they lose the realization of how “public” all of the information really is.
I find myself checking with myself if the information that I’m about to send out is something that I would say to someone in person. If it’s not, then the information is probably not something that should be broadcasted as a representation of who I am. Which…to me…is exactly what each post or submission to a site is!
Plus, who really cares what I’m doing this very minute besides me

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