Since it's midterms time for college students, I decided to find out what everyone thinks. Currently I have many friends who are stressed out and tired from studying for tests. I cannot necessarily relate because for the most part my midterms are writing papers. Personally, they both have their pros and cons. I feel that I retain information better when I have to write a paper because I am heavily involved in what I am writing about and I feel that I need to have mastered the information in order to make sense in my writing. As for test taking, I feel that I tend to memorize the information and once the test is done with I forget what I was supposed to have learned. However, I tend to score better on tests than on papers. So, I was just wondering....what do you think is the better way to evaluate learning? Taking tests or writing papers? I have to look into what research says but I thought it would be interesting to read what others think.

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Comment by Julia Trygstad on October 26, 2010 at 9:06am
I agree that writing papers is usually more beneficial to a students. I am also a student and it is the mid-term time for me. I had two tests on the same day last week. I was in the library for 8 hours the night before...and that was it. I take notes in class so I try to retain more information so i can revisit subjects we discuss in class and things of that nature, but when taking the test, you know you will not need to know the information again for a while so the knowledge automatically escapes my mind. I'm sure this happens to most students and or most individuals in general. Writing papers requires researching and having a deep knowledge of the subject. This sort of information sticks way longer than the information i learn with rote memorization.


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