Edupunks United - Pedagogy rooted in punk philosophy

The word "edupunk" is a neologism. The aim of this group is to refine the word's meaning through constructive discourse and social science research methods. Invite more educators and punks to submit.

I have a new FB Group dedicated to understanding the links between education and punk philosophies. There is no hierarchy here. Everyone is an 'administrator' and 'officer' in this group. Feel free to join in.

Welcome to utopian social anarchy. Edupunks United (

A suggested code of conduct:

1.) No insulting our membership, we're constructionist here (unless it's funny).

2.) No discourse on politics or religion (unless it's funny).

3.) Definitely no telling me what to do (unless it's funny).

What would we like "Edupunk" to mean?

Are you an educator? Are you a punk? Explain your role.

Start by choosing your camp, and then begin stating one of the following:

1.) "Edupunk is..."
2.) "Edupunk is not..."

Write approximately 50-100 words. Succinct..

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Comment by Kae on March 3, 2009 at 10:53am
A group of us - started using the term and posting to this Ning site.

This is from the blog

Edupunk is really the DIY movement in teaching. Rather than relying on whatever learning management system their school subscribes to and e-paks from the publisher, edupunk educators go out to the blogosphere, the metaverse or into a MMORPG to find what will engage their students. It is an attitude about teaching that involves creativity, whimsy, Web 2.0 and a very limited budget (if you get a budget at all). So you DIY, you bootstrap, you use your strong and weak ties over the Internet to learn what others educators are doing. And most times you come up with something for your students that is engaging, challenging and creative.

And I'm both.


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