Describing yourself with one positive adjective isn't as easy as you would think, especially when it has to be presented nicely on a poster. For my night class, we had to use Microsoft Excel to create a poster with an image, adjective describing ourselves, a definition of the adjective, and our names. This poster was to be laminated and 4 pages in size.
Now when I first sat down to create this four page poster, I wasn't sure how to do it. When creating a poster to manually tape together you have to zoom out on the Excel page to be able to see the multiple page separations. I had to ask a friend to show me this step which teaches me, it doesn't hurt to ask for help. After, I got the settings correct I had to import the image into Excel, which wasn't to bad. However I am used to using a Mac and I was creating this on a PC. The most difficult part of this whole project, though, had nothing to do with technology what so ever, it dealt with picking out an adjective to describe myself from a pre-written list. If I could have used my own word, I think I would have chosen crazy, cheerful, or confused, however none of those were options, so I selected joyful to go along with the image of me and an African baby. Then I looked up my word joyful and the word joy on
Now to put the words onto the page I had to use WordArt and TextBox. Thankfully, since I have used Microsoft quite often it wasn't to hard for me to manipulate these editing devices. I changed the fonts,colors, and size of the words in order for them to match my picture in the background. Finally, I had to place the words were I wanted on the picture and then print them out. Afterward, I taped them together to make a full poster.
I think this method of creating a poster is so innovative and cost friendly. It allows for me as a future teacher to be able to make posters for different lessons and themes without having to by them in advanced or with my own money. This idea of creating your own poster will also be helpful if I want my students to show me something they have learned in a different way than just coloring a paper or writing a paper. Making posters with Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for the home, school, or bedroom.

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