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Recently I developed a Blended Learning PD for my teachers. This lesson was designed to stand on its own, and model what a Blended Learning lesson should look and feel like. As I compared my coursework to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, which I didn’t use to plan my unit, I wondered if it would be important to incorporate every Key Term in the Learning Process. In other words, with adult learners, do I need to start with tasks around Remembering or could I possible jump to Understanding, then to Analyzing, and then maybe creating? In Andrew Churches Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy (2007), he states that choosing the follow each stage or skip around is “the choice of the individual.” With that being said I decided to still think of ways to improve my lesson, using every stage, and only selecting verbs from Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.

At the stage of Remembering, I have teachers study specific Blended Learning models I have searched and found out online. To enhance this piece I will instead have teachers sign up for a social bookmarking site, and via their social bookmark tool find examples of the various blended models on their own. For the Understanding stage I originally had the teachers filling out what they noticed, and wondered in a table in a Google Doc, instead I will have them blog their thoughts then find and comment on their peers blogs. For the Applying piece I originally had teachers finding resources on the flipped classroom and pasting links on our Google Doc. I will instead have teachers share their found resources through a social media site like Twitter. I didn’t really have anything for the Analyzing stage so I would add an info graphic activity where teachers used a Web 2.0 application like Easel to break visually represent one blended model of their choosing, or a comparison of multiple blended models. Evaluating and Creating blended together in my course as I had teachers create YouTube videos of themselves, reflecting on their learning (video blogging). They would then watch and comment on each other’s videos (blog commenting). Both of these fall into verbs that are described in Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy however, for the sake of this reflection, I like the idea of having my teachers collaborate on a remix project where they would find a videos about blended learning, crop out sections, and make their own.

Churches, A. (2007, April 11). Bloom’s digital taxonomy.
          Retrieved from

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