I little background here. I am 35 years old and I have grown up playing video games. I have had them all from PONG to Playstation to the Wii. I will always enjoy playing video games and am not ashamed of it. My 4 year old son also love playing video games (we do curb him playing time of course) and he is quite good at them. He is restricted to the Disney genre for obvious reasons and he plays the interactive learning computer games as well. He has gotten quite good at these games and is very proficient as he navigates through various websites. I am consistently amazed at both the manual dexterity and the level of intellect he displays through these games.
Should I feel guilty having passed this on to him? This, after all, is environment in which he will be learning so why should I feel guilty? He excercises and loves playing sports with me and we practice reading and writing everyday. There still something inside me, however, that questions what he is learning from playing these games. Is he getting value from games that seem mindless to me and my wife? Is there something to be said for the "maze-like" video game that requires the player to figure his or her way out of an obstacle course of sorts to reach a new level and a nw set of barriers? (sound familiar) I have my own thoughts on the subject an they are obviously pro gaming but I am curious to hear other's responses and experiences.


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