Just thinking about the last quarter-year or so, I learned so much. I've been learning all sorts of new stuff through collaboration with a colleague about how to begin a learning center. Got even more into CR2.0, this great philosophical and techie educational network with the bunch of idealistic-thinking, forward-moving colleagues. Learned how to build larger bases in networks, learned to connect networks (such as CR2.0 with Facebook). Learned, learned learned.

I'm now experiencing that uplifting headstate that comes from growing so much that new growth is easier; I'm on a roll.

Just 3 months ago I talked about being on that edge, of being ready to take a leap, of knowing that I'd never again perceive the world in the same way. I was right--my view is qualitatively different now. And I can honestly say, I'm happier, more engaged in all sorts of learning, and, more expressive. There was a rapid growth in my general writing skills and capacity, a rapid growth in taking the risks to do some creative writing, and a HUGE growth in connectiveness with people who provide important feedback and support as we all move forth in such an information-sharing world.

I'm a new person, much better for having indulged in such a hyper-focused dive into new-world technology. I KNOW my students are better off as a consequence of my bringing myself into broad, purposeful, and ethical networks of people sharing knowledge. I feel ready to go, with much, much more.

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