Where has discovery learning taken you? What does discovery learning look like for our students?

I'm thinking about diversity....are we building in diversity within our curriculum's?

Thinking about community....

I believe it may be a different solution for each community based on race, ethnicity, first language, socio-economic status, geographic, bio-technical, green living...the list is limitless. We have no choice. Our communities are already diverse!

In reading tonight I just explored-in-to this article from DA Administrator titled: Breaking Rules Can Flunk a School--and Teachers.

The most recent expulsions in the state-run Oakland Unified School ...

Could it be a "tipping point" in our history?

BRAVO to the EdTechworld. ..."school administrators had submitted a master curriculum, and none o..."

Wonder if we interviewed Daniel Pink...what his thoughts would be?

IMHO..we need to step back or we may recognize... what now appears to be a pathetic look upon America and it's schools as relevant.

I just want to shout sometimes..Wake up PeoPle! Learning to change your life culture is the most difficult task in life if you are emotionally and financially bankrupt. These two things seem to go hand in hand. I am an avid listener to some fantastic talk radio! Dave Ramsey.

Do we believe we need to help solve our poverty issues?

I appreciated reading in a study group "A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink. It helps put everything in perspective in trying to re-create or should we call it save? ... America.

It's something I hope everyone reading this believes needs changed in schools. Call it what you want. To me it is about teaching our children how to live in a changed world. One they(me-you-we) can't survive in based on the skill set "learned" to us in School 1.0. I certainly, have appreciated reading "Coloring Outside the Lines"by R. Shank. I deeply related to his pages in Chapter 2. I am a product of broken schools as well as many...many of our adult learners who live in our communities. We need buILT up.

Why change schools?

because......we're still teaching a 19th Century curriculum!

Thank you for your great podcast this morning Paul Bogush and to the first light of the day :) Kevin H. a really good friend who directed me there with his Driving Questions Podcast! Excellent content and questioning we might all appreciate.

It takes great teams who possess Leadership!

"It Takes a Planet!"

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Comment by Steve on June 20, 2007 at 5:10pm

I appreciate your enthusiasm and thinking. HOWEVER, I would guide you to Clayton Christensen's The Innovator's Solution. It is time for us to create a new "disruptive technology" that provides the learning experiences that our kids need and deserve.

If you think that there is the slightest chance of changing our schools because "we have to", take a look at social security. We've known for decades that it was a system in trouble and we still haven't the collective courage to change it.

How many decades can schools continue as they are? I think that there are no limits to the life of an awful government system.

I expect that more and more our schools will provide the minimum requirements for four year colleges, custodial care, and extracurricular activities to supplement outside athletics. In order for kids to get the skills, knowledge and behaviors necessary for the 21st century they will either get them through out-of-school sources or they won't get them. Of course this will only exacerbate the gap between the have's and the have nots.

There is no golden rule nor an 11th commandment that says the U.S. will remain the economic super power of the world for ever. Look back one hundred years and the super power was Great Britain. They didn't believe there would ever be a day that they wouldn't be the economic super power either.

I suggest you spend your energy adding to the out-of-school opportunities for kids that will actually prepare them for their life.


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