I have always been pretty on top of the most recent technology. I remember Mr. Hodges telling us all about this new thing, "The World Wide Web." We got to go online and get information about our favorite animals before we wrote our reports in seventh grade. I actually turned mine into a hypercard presentation. This was in 1993. This was huge.

I met my husband in high school and he was the senior that worked with the underclassman to e-mail eachother. We sat at my aunt's house and he showed me how to connect from here house and we created my first e-mail address. I had just been cut from the Poms squad, it was 1998 and I wanted everyone to know how I felt so the name "expom98@aol.com" was born. I still use that for my personal account.

I went away to Illinois State University and in the year 2001, I took my first online course, essentially histoy and philosophy of education. I sat in the computer lab and knew I was going to get an A. In order to do that, I needed to build my own website to show that I knew where the future of education was going. When it was finished, I called my mom and told her to go and look at it. I was so proud.

It was in that class that I learned about the various ages of education. I was sitting on the edge of the information age. The virtual professor explained that with the invention of the internet, users would be able to create and acess information that doubles everyday and the speed is increasing. Here it is...

In 2002, I started teaching third graders and I brought them into the computer lab once a week to type a peom or use KidPix to create a Valentine for their parents. The world has changed so much since then...not even a decade ago. Last week, I accedently stumbled on TeacherTube and I excitedly brought it back to the teachers at school not only because I am the Curriculum Technology Intergration Specialist, but it is a great resource that I didn't know existed. Less than 1 week later, my world has been flipped upside down when our collective information has lead us to the new 2.0 environment. It is no longer ok to just create a Valentine on the computer. These tools are a must know for our students.

I can't wait to see what I will learn tomorrow!

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