How are you using your iPod?

As I write this blog post, I am listening to one of my favorite podcasts, TWIT, with Leo LaPorte! I am a major user of iPods personally and in the classroom, however, until I listened to a new podcast called Learning in Hand: iPod, by Tony Vincent, I did not realize the many other possibilities it affords. Personally, I use it for music, podcasts, videos and for my review masterycasts. My students use the school iPods for study with masterycasts as well.

Have you ever considered the possibilities of the Notes feature of your iPod? Notes can be used to hold any text (.txt) document. To do so, however, you need to first enable the use of the DISK function of the device. Again, how many of us have iPods and also go out and buy an external hard drive to back up our data? I just backed up my entire document library to my iPod. We can use them as external hard drives or as flash drives to transfer files from various computers easily!

Another option is to use the Picture feature to store PowerPoint slides to use as flashcards or other learning tools! Converting anything to an iPod compatible picture format will allow you to upload it to the device just as any other picture! Have you tried iQuiz? Just imagine the possibilities! My next purchase will be a recorder for the device to record group work, or digital storytelling.

I strongly suggest that you explore the Learning in Hand: iPod podcast for many interesting ideas, and specific instructions! I look forward to the next episode.
Here’s the link to the site and it may also be obtained in iTunes!

How are you using your iPod?

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