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Blogging about Google Apps

Blogging about Google Apps

Although there are many formatting glitches and or delays that often deter me from using Google Apps, I am confident that they can be used to make me a more efficient educator. Spending time this week exploring the apps has restored my enthusiasm for Google as an educational tool. Let’s explore some of the tools and how I’d like to…


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Virtual Reality

Beginning this week’s learning, I was definitely a proponent of using virtual worlds in the classroom. I thought it would be difficult to find resources that emphasized the disadvantages of virtual realities. However, there is a lot of research that points to potential downfalls of using virtual environments.

I found that just about every advantage could be spun into a disadvantage and vice-a-versa. To me, virtual worlds seem to…


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Acceptable Use Policies

The National Education Association has outlined 6 key elements that make an effective Acceptable Use Policy. Reading through several AUPs, I found that most had these elements. Though online, my school doesn’t provide a distinct AUP online, there are a great number of them from other schools, which as a whole I would liked to briefly discuss.  Majority speaking, by each having 6 elements I would say that they have effective AUP. Most  include a disclaimer to legally protect…


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Blogging about Marzano & Bloom

Blogging about Bloom & Marzano


Marzano’s 9 instructional strategies and Bloom’s Taxonomy and outline best practice. When it comes to lesson planning, it is feels good to only consider covering standards and/or implementing lessons that are fun. By boosting student achievement and engagement, both Bloom’s Taxonomy and Marzano’s research outline ways to meet the needs the pressures of standards  have and the…


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