has become a fairly popular tool in my school district because it is versatile
and it provides users with multiple means of engagement. I'm putting together a glog of samples created by students and thought I'd send this Call to Gloggers in search of more samples.

View Glog On and please consider submitting a sample through the form on the glog. Watch it grow!

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SO you want the teacher's information (teacher name and grade) then an actual student's example from a classroom glogster project? 



I will try to submit one tomorrow.  I teach 6th Grade and we did glogs on Internet Safety last semester.  I even had a couple a couple of my student glogs featured on Glogster and I think my example is still on GlogsterEDU's "Our Best Glogs"  It is about Cyberbullying. My students covered Sexting, Cyberbullying, Chatting, Facebook, MySpace, and more.



One problem I see is that I am going to remove my students from last semester and replace them with this semester's students.  Has GlogsterEDU added the function so I can save student glogs?   Do I basically have to keep the student "live" to keep their glog?  I know this has been a problem in the past but they were supposed to address it.  I haven't been on their that much in the past 4-6 weeks.


Thank you! I'm definitely going to use this with my kids. I practiced a bit on the site today. It is really easy to use.

I had my World Studies kids do their semester projects on glogster. This was the first time they tried glogster so I kept the assignment simple. We just finished reading Three Cups of Tea. I asked the students to create a glog that included information about the main characters, setting, themes, and plot of the book. I created a couple sample glogs for kids to use as examples.




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