Our mission, is to ensure Social Networking Tools are accessible to ALL educational stakeholders, inside and outside the walls of educational institutions.

Negative perceptions and fear are currently driving a trend that see's educational institutions, blocking access to numerous SNT. Parental support gained through scare tactics in the media, where SNT are put in the same class as Satan, has provided a path of least resistance, thus the epidemic sweeping Australia - The social networking blocking at the expense of educational stakeholders and eventually seeing your workforce and economy taking a dive, epidemic.

We hear often, about the duty of care owed to learners by educational institutions. This used as a rationale to block all access. Is it True what they say, that these sites/tools are evil - I think not but that is my opinion alone.

Could it not be said that, to not change the current position, to not attempting to change policy and practice on our part, as educators and learners, would also be negligent. We have a duty of care not only with regards to safety but a duty of care, to provide learning of the highest quality that is relevant and current. Without access to these sites, we simply breach our duty of care.

Bandwidth issues another story that is given and by my institute confirmed in writing that it was this issue, more than any apparent dangers, that saw all SNT blocked from all on campus.

We know the problem - Locking
We know the answer - Unlocking
What we now need is 'The Key to Unlocking'

I hope you will join with me on what I see as an important mission for us all.

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