What Jobs Can I Land with My PRINCE2 Agile Foundation & Practitioner Certification?

PRINCE2 Agile is the combination of PRINCE2 with the responsiveness and flexibility of agile methodology. This certification is necessary for several highly recognized industries all over the world. This certification will validate your skills and knowledge associated with agile principles, methods, and practices, along with the PRINCE2 methodology. It offers better job opportunities and a higher salary. 

These are some of the jobs that you can opt for after obtaining the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner Certification. However, getting a certification does not guarantee a job; it also depends on other factors like your skills, experience, and so on. 

  1. Project Administrator 

Expected Salary: $61,575

The responsibility of a project administrator is to assist the project management team in implementing the projects. They also help them to arrange the team members, prepare for the project reports, so on. In addition, the additional tasks might include planning meetings, taking notes during the meeting, sending email reminders to the members of a team, ordering supplies, developing presentations, keeping the team’s project management system up to date, and so on. 

They must have communication and time management. In addition, they need to have some necessary technical or computer skills. 

  1. Project Coordinator

Expected Salary: $47,063 per year

The project coordinators are in charge of assisting the project managers in monitoring and keeping track of the progress of their team. As project coordination, you are in charge of planning proper timelines for the projects, build schedules for activities, and monitor the progress of the team members on specific tasks. You will be responsible for using the spreadsheet or project management software to monitor various sources of data at one time. Thus, you have to guarantee that the objectives of a project are achieved within the given timeline. 

They should have a good critical thinking ability, attention to detail, communication, organization skills, and so on. 

  1. Operation Manager

Expected Salary: $62,799 per year

The responsibility of an operation manager is to monitor the activities of high-level human resources. In addition, they examine and enhance organizational processes. This role calls for the need of HR experience; it is best suitable for any individual with a project management certification. Since the operation managers are required to acquire the skills needed to plan, perform, and manage projects. It helps in enhancing the productivity, quality, and effectiveness in the office. 

They are required to have good verbal and written communication skills. You should have a management, organization, and leadership qualities or abilities. 

  1. Program Manager 

Expected Salary: $71,199 per year

The responsibility of a program manager is to co-ordinate the projects in a business organization. They are responsible for held brain-storming sessions, perform activities for projects and meetings. They make sure the goals of the project are aligning with the organization’s goals. A project manager is focused on one project, whereas the program manager is responsible for various projects or programs.

They should have strong communication skills, leadership ability, task handling, problem-solving, organizational qualities.


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