I was a guest speaker at the Computer Clubhouse Network annual conference, held in Chicago this year. I was able to hear the leaders and corporate sponsors talk about how important it is to teach critical thinking, problem solving, and other workforce skills. I've been trying to connect with Intel and other companies who understand how important this issue is to keeping America competive on a global marketplace, and how our kids need to learn these skills to compete with kids in other countries who are a lot more motivated to learn and innovate.

Not a lot of luck yet, but I keep trying. I've mapped a workforce development strategy that engages volunteers from mentors as the technology and career coaches for kids who live in high poverty neighborhoods. You can view this at http://tinyurl.com/yq5u2q

At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuPfJcCEpsk you can view a music video created by teens in the program I lead. If you listen to this you can see that it's telling the story, engaging kids as leaders to motivate other kids, and using kids as leaders to train students and volunteers as to the expectations of being part of Cabrini Connections.

I feel that in schools and non school programs, kids can learn to create communications media, then learn to use the media they create to solve problems and to draw people together. If they practice these skills enough they can compete with anyone for jobs.

If any of you are mapping your strategies, or if your kids are creating advertising, marketing materials that draw volunteers and donors to schools, to community based organizations around your schools, why not share some of your web links. Maybe we can help others learn from the examples that are provided.

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