Hey everyone!  I am curious to get your feedback on the types of learner-centered teaching strategies that you are using in your classrooms involving the use of technology.  I am trying to develop more student-centered learning experiences for my Social Studies classroom and could greatly use any suggestions and/or advice on this topic. 




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It all depends on what grade of students you are teaching and what they are learning.  If you have middle school or elementary students then you can look around for games on the internet that would help reinforce student learning (maps etc seem to be very usefull for this).  If you have high school students then they could use the technology to create different presentations, webcasts, etc.  I find that technology is very useful when having students play with what they have already learned.  I like to do direct instruction to give them the idea behind some mathematical theories and then give them Geometer's Sketchpad in order for them to play around with the different ideas and come up with some on their own.  

I remember doing something similar in Social Students with World War I.  We were given a lecture about the basics with the leadup from the perspective of the world, and then we were assigned a country and had to research and come up with a technology-based presentation from the perspective of the citizens of the country we were assigned.  I got lucky and drew Austria-Hungary!



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