I'm a technology integration specialist and I want to help a 5th grade teacher . She's going tp  Alaska and wants her students to respond to questions about video and photos she posts online . She wants them to click on the image and see the answer. Is PowerPoint the best option? I'm really excited to hear your suggestions.

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Please clarify this project a bit more. We might like to know how the teacher is posting the pictures.

If the images and pictures are posted online, what is the rationale for using PowerPoint, a desktop application?

If the answer is short, a simple solution migh be...

title="This is Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain on the North American Continent."

will reveal the text when the student hovers the mouse over the image.

Or, wouldn't simple HTML, where a link enabled picture opens another page be sutable if the explanations were longer?

It is also possible to use Javascript to change CSS styles so that if students click on the picture, the style of the expanation (class) changes from "hidden" to "visible." but this seems like overkill.
Thanks Joseph, I think I need to explain a little more clearly. I like the idea of hovering over the question and the answer appears. But I'm not sure what application I would use on the web. Is there a web based tool that takes images and video that would do this? What about Prezi? The teacher can't work in HTML and doesn't have any web page design skills. Would Webspiration work? I use to use Hyperstudio years ago, but I'm not sure what web based application will work. I'm really asking for suggestions about how to post th eimages and video on line and make them interactive so either the pictures or text link to the answer.
While not exaclty what you are looking for, you could use Wordpress to do something similiar.

Your teachers could easily upload pictures/media, etc. to a post and post a question. The Answer could simply appear in "WHITE" Text and the would have to select the text to see the answer. Students could also comment in the comment section as well. You could also set up a NING site to accomplish this as well.

Both can accomodate "closed" sessions, so your site wouldn't have to be available to the world...
You can try this for yourself at http://wordpress.com for free.

Joseph C. is correct in his "trick" using the Title tag/line of a picture... The hover function with TEXT reveal works on almost every image on the Web now because of browser support, provided you take the time to include the "title" text... Again, this is easily done in Wordpress without coding -simply upload the picture, in the properties of the photo, include the title text and it will "just work".
Thanks so much for the suggestion, I'll try this



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