What do you think of Online Teaching Degree?

Is a good idea?

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I have had some wonderful online courses. That said, I don't think you can learn how to teach just online. You need to be in classrooms with kids, watching other teachers, and then teaching kids yourself. Without that, it's an online education degree, but not a teaching degree.
Thanks for the information that you've shared Fran Lo. :)
Hello All ~ There are now quite a few online masters in teaching. Most all combine "master teacher" mentors with videotapes (for modeling) with a required supervised placement inside a school working under a licensed teacher. Some of these programs are very well integrated as they have developed video snippets that "show" best practices in action. At GetEducated.com (where I work) we track all sorts of accredited online degree programs an more than 75 online masters in education. There are "teaching" masters from schools as varied as Columbia U's teacher's college to state colleges like. Instructional design and learning to teach online are very popular online PD and degree options. The University of Wyoming has a great masters in adult ed 100% online. GetEducated.com does compile a national list of the Best Values in online master's in all ed specialties. Its updated every 2 years: http://www.geteducated.com/online-college-ratings-and-rankings/best... ... Bear in mind all the teaching degrees require you be employed and teaching and have a licensed supervisor to evaluate your daily teaching and help with on the spot techniques and applications.
Hi Vicky,

Thank you for the information Vicky. I have a question based on your reply. Do you mean that online teaching programs requires students to be employed as teachers, or it might ask students to be involved in teaching internships during the program as a requirement to complete their degree. I would appreciate if you can make this clear.



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