The activity that I developed for the Global Awareness Lesson involved the utilization of social networking to teach a lesson on cultural sensitivity to 9th grade students. The social networking activity is integrated into the lesson after a brief guided lecture utilizing the NearPod app. During the activity, students will connect with international students via Facebook with Skype integration. Students will discuss several scenarios in order to develop an understanding of the differences that exist in perception among various cultures. The goals/objectives of the lesson are:

-Recognize that individuals from other cultures may perceive a particular situation differently.

-Understand how to effectively communicate with international students by utilizing 21st century tools.

-Understand how cultural sensitivity relates to social networking and digital citizenship.

-Recognize that one must consider another’s point of view in order to effectively communicate.

This lesson provides a global experience by connecting students from other cultures together to collaboratively answer a group of questions. Students will develop an understanding of different points of view among different cultures and identify the importance of cultural sensitivity. 

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Great idea! The students would love an activity where they get to chat with students in other countries. There are so many different styles of learning and approaches to social networking, and I feel that our students could greatly benefit from this activity. The different points of view could greatly influence how our students look at one another, and more importantly, the world as a whole. Great job! 

     Hi Gilbert!  I think the activity that you created would be helpful to students on multiple levels.  As I was telling Nicole, our world is becoming increasingly interconnected (due to advances in technology).  Knowing how to communicate with people different than ourselves is an important skill that students need to learn.  The activity that you created will help students learn how to do this, all while reinforcing 21st century skills (i.e., digital literacy, digital citizenship, etc.), in addition to reading, writing and speaking skills.  Great job! 

     I have a few questions for you.  Is all of the work for this activity completed during class time?  Do you have an Internet-capable device for each student?  How do you ensure student safety while they use Facebook and Skype?  Do parents have to sign off on this?

Hi Gilbert,

The activity you developed seems great.  I like the fact that students are actively engaged with other students from other cultures around the world.  This will provide them with the opportunity to be introduced to different cultures and exploring similarities and differences between the cultures in order to develop awareness and tolerance for people with different beliefs and traditions.  It is one thing for students to read about other cultures around the world, but to provide the students with actual experiences and interactions will open their eyes and make a lasting impact.  Great Job!

Hi Gilbert,

You're lesson sounds great; I love how you used the "popular" up-to-date social networks, such as Facebook and Skype. That alone would really grab the student’s attention and interest. It sounds like such a great opportunity to address Global Awareness while also teaching social studies content. Your goals and objectives align great with the activity. Thanks for sharing!



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