Tools That Australia Is Using To Improve Teaching

Technology and digital transformations have changed the teaching processes over the years. The use of these digital tools in the classroom can make the interaction between students and learning topics much more dynamic. Australia is a great innovator when it comes to implementing different tools to involve students in the classroom. Here are some of the top tools used by teachers around Australia!

1. Kahoot for motivating students

Kahoot is an educational platform of games and questions. Through this tool, teachers can create questionnaires, debates, or surveys around any subject, that complement the classroom and learning experience. The game can be projected and questions can be answered in real-time, to offer play and learning simultaneously.

This tool can be immersed into an educational environment to offer better interaction with students. So it would be great if you explore it, and put it in your classes, it can be at the end of a topic, where students have more fresh knowledge.

2. TedEd to promote new ideas

TedEd is an educational platform that allows the creation of educational lessons in collaboration with teachers, students, and people who are interested in spreading knowledge and good ideas. The students' curiosity is stimulated by watching videos that provoke what they think through interaction and practice.

The creators of the tool believe that creativity and curiosity are the protagonists of the education process.

3. Socrative to connect with smart devices

This system allows teachers to create educational exercises or games that students can solve using their technological devices, such as telephones or tablets. Teachers can immediately see the results of the activities, and customize lessons accordingly.

A great way to implement the technology of today with teaching.

4. ClassDojo to follow students’ behavior

ClassDojo helps to improve student behavior, as teachers provide their students with quick feedback and points for students to be more receptive to learning. Students get real-time notifications, plus information about student behavior is collected and can be shared with parents later on. By following up on this feedback and motivating students and teachers it will involve everyone in teaching and learning.

5. Storybird to stimulate creativity

The aim of this platform is to promote writing skills in students, through the creation of narratives. With this tool, teachers can create interactive and digital books in a simple way. Teachers can also create projects in collaboration with students, give feedback, and organize classes and grading systems.

What do you think of these educational tools? It is true that education has changed with the advancement of digital technology, and that students are now much more dynamic on the internet than they used to be. Learning can be fun when digital tools are used in class!

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