We are currently developing a "Take Home Policy" for our MacBook computers in our 1-1 Initiative.  Would love to know how others have addressed this issue.  Who is responsible for damage, theft, etc.  Do you charge parents and insurance, is it optional?  Any information on how your school is handling this would be great!

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Hi Jeff,

I am presuming that the school owns the laptops? At my school the parents/learners own the laptops, so there is no real issue with them taking them home. However, we do recommend that they have insurance. 

If we were a school that owned the laptops, we would insist that parents have insurance and that they are responsible for damage/loss or theft.

The same way if somebody loses a library book, they would be expected to pay for a new one, or if I rented/hired a DVD from a shop, I would be expected to pay for a new one if it was lost or stolen.

I know this may be difficult with some parents in terms of money - but if the child wants the luxury of taking a laptop home, surely there should be a small fee attached to cover damage and insurance?

Please let me know if you have more questions.

best wishes




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