I would be interested to hear other teachers thoughts and ideas on Reverse Instruction and Flip teaching. Do you find these methods of teaching and learning productive? Do you use them in a 1 to 1 Laptop Environment?

see my thoughts and ideas here: http://wp.me/1cQjT

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Reverse instruction isn't a new idea, it is just a new skin on differentiated instruction and inquiry learning. It is exactly what a 1:1 program should be about - engaging students with project based learning, discovery methods, and exploring multiple, creative outcomes. A 1:1 program's true effectiveness can not be fully realized unless the pedagogy embraces differentiated instruction, reverse learning, or any other variation of what good teaching and learning actually looks like. Change the way we deliver content and define a classroom, not the way students learn.
Thanks for your comment Rich, I agree with what you are saying. The concept seems to have raised its head again more recently. Some of our teachers are asking where they get the time from to make the videos that our learners watch at home as well as spending time collaborating in the classroom.
Yeah, good point, that is one added constraint.  I am actually a big fan of leveraging existing media resources and lectures from MIT OCW, Khan Academy, TED, etc whenever possible to provide continued engaging content, different vioces/faces, diverse expertise and more.  Let's be honest, kids will most likely get bored from seeing the same face and voice every night.  Also, I like the idea of departments splitting the load.  If there are 3 US History teachers then that is 1/3 of the work.  I think it is possible - why not split the load and add to the learning with fresh options...

Some excellent ideas Rich, thank you.

Like you say there is plenty of existing media out there, we can use this and then add additional media specific to our own learners. It makes sense to split the load between a faculty or department. I also have tried to sell the idea to teachers that a video made by a subject department may be used several times.



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