Hey guys,

I've made a new page called Wii Classroom, it can be found at www.wiiclassroom.com Let me know what you think :)

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Like the site and love the idea, but would like to hear more about exact examples or ways you've used the Wii in your classroom to help students learn. Keep up the good work! i'm sure things like this are coming in the future
I think it needs content. What ideas do you have for gathering lesson plans and creative ideas? The idea is great. Nintendo hit a home run by marketing the Wii to families and nontraditional gamers. Can you imagine the market capital if they started marketing products toward schools and education?!
I know! Wish NIntendo would emply me to present to schools LOL. I have a large collection of lesson plans etc that I have developed based upon the different games used and I am always on the lookout on how to incorporate their latest games into lessons. Let me know if there's a specific game based learning activity that you may be interested in. I'm currently on Australian school holidays so will be uploading image of the kids work from 2008 soon for everyone to see :)
What grade/subjects do you teach? I could never see myself using a Wii as much as you seem to. It doesn't seem that many of those games would have a strong connection to your curriculum. The curriculum comes first, being the "cool" teacher with all the video games comes later.

Also, your site has no content. There's no real message or information besides the notion that you have a gimmicky idea - you tie the hottest game system to your classroom, but where's the connection to real learning?
I taught a class of 19 Grade 1 students (6-7year olds) in 2008 and will be doing the same in 2009. I take my own personal Wii and games into the classroom. The school has now also purchased one for other teachers to use and it has gone really well. For example to further improve the visualisation skills of some students lacking in that area, they played Big Brain Academy for Wii during reading groups. They used reading, listening, and general knowledge skills to complete the activities. I kept a spreadhseet of different students scores over roughly 6 weeks to ascertain whether or not their skills were in fact improving. I also found that their visualisation skills had improved when reading with each student individually. This is just one example of how it can be used. I always ensure that it meets Victorian curriculum standards when planning as it is a tool, not a time filler that can be utilised easily be teachers to engage their students. Therefore using Big Brain Academy, and having the student focus on the visualisation games has allowed the student to further improve in the Reading and Speaking & Listening domains. Many families have now purchased Nintendo Wii's after coming to some of my after school sessions, in which I have demonstrated to parents how specific games can assist their child's learning. If you want any info regarding specific games and how I have tied them into reading, writing, numeracy or any other field please let me know :)
Yes I would like info on how you are tieing specific games into reading writing and numeracy. my email address is hdickens@apsrc.net . Have you used any of the online flash video games?

Thanks a bunch

Harry Dickens
Have you gotten any data with standardized testing to also back up the improvements... or other testing methods in a "formal" way? I'm certain it works, I've always loved gaming as a means to learn (how my son, now 24, learned to read... he was in love with Sonic the Hedgehog and wanted to learn how to play better). I wonder how it would work with older students (16-18). Anyone know of any published research?
used wii games.... how much???
I'm trying to sell our wii and listed it on craigslist. I haven't had any offers yet and I'm wondering if I have it priced too high. It's only 3 months old and the kids have barely played it (which is why I'm trying to sell it). It was the regular package from Meijer that came with one controller, one num chuck the sensor and the wii sports game. We bought the sports accessory pack (the baseball bat, tennis racket, gold club) and another num chuck, plus a rechargeable battery and pack, and we have 3 other games as well. I listed it at $350. Do you think I should lower it, and if so how much do you think it's worth?
copying wii games
I purchased mine for $199... college student needing the money and he wasn't using it.
Arcademic Skill Builders has wii downloadable games, you might want to take a look at them!
Math and Grammar for elementary mostly, but it's a great start!
Thanks for sharing that website. I have been playing with it tonight- and can't wait to share it with students tomorrow!



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