Hi, I was wondering if there are any good voice to text software programs out there? Software for macs would be best for me, but any software is good to me.

Free would also be great, but some cost is ok.


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Hi David:
The Mac operating system (OS X) comes with built-in voice-to-text software. However, a commercial brand of software exists, either by the name of iSpeech or iListen. If you use Parallels, you can probably use Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) also. Let me know what you think.
Go to my interactive resource site and select "Misc" then "Computers". Click on the "Text to Speech" box to use ATT's TTS site.

If you plan to have an entire class(es) use the TTS utility then email them, state you are a school, and ask for permission to use the site in an educational setting. One day while rerferencing the site in the computer lab I found my school was blocked due to "hacking" concerns. An email cleared up the situation.
Hi there, I tried to go to your interactive resource site, but, I don't see computers. Did u move stuff around?

I am a disabled person who is trying to find voice to text software to help with writing stories. I plan to write novels and screenplays. I also have a mac. I am looking for something that can help me. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I appreciate any help that anyone can offer.
thanx again



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