Hello, I'm a French teacher and I'm looking for partners for a video project: I'm looking for teachers who would accept to make a video with their pupils in French about the places they like in their town.


The video can be done very simply with a photo camera or a phone, as long as the sound is good and the image is not moving too much. It must last less than three minutes and answer the question : Quels lieux de ta ville conseilles-tu de visiter ? Quels lieux de ta ville aimes-tu ?

A video can show two, three or four different places in the same town and the children should explain why they would advise to visit this place, why they like it. It can be a touristic place or not.


What interests us is the vision of the children on their town. Il would be published here :



The sound should be good and we would need the transcription to put it on the webpage which is meant for kids who learn French as well as kids who already speak french.


If you're interested, please send me a message and I'll be happy to help you !



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Please sign up at 


We have several schools who will video conference in French

Thanks for your answer. How is that working ? I've checked this website but I did not understand how it works and how it can apply to this project.



We are doing project in French with other schools all around the world.

Please join us.  This will be a great deal of fun.




Can you give me another link? This one brings me here :


Thanks a lot !



Sorry please use this




We have schools in Eastern Canada and Louisiana who would love to work with you on this project





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