Using in teaching Web 2.0 communication showing students how to have a "voice."

I am attempting to use texting with the site to show my students how to use the Web as a voice and 21st Century communication tool.  I use wikispaces to present the student's case and I'm trying to use wiffiti to show one way of how to get feedback.

Our school had a kite design contest and it was a lot of fun. The inspiration for the contest was to provide props for the school's Charlie Brown play. Most all of the entries were impressive.

The 6th period Life Science class worked hard and earned SECOND PLACE (YEAH!) with the kite at the following link.  These students felt they won hands down with their kite's dangling tail. This tail represented the Red Baron's Fokker triplane imagined by Snoopy in the second act of the play.

In an attempt to appease my 6th period class and show them an example of 21th century communication, I created the following page.  These students were strongly asking for "a voice" and this being a teachable moment for them, I took the opportunity to show them how to use the Web to have "a voice."

I used wikispaces to present their issue and to collect texted responses from mobile devices.

Please checkout the site and give these student feedback.

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