Students are not allowed to use cellphones in schools in my country. I have just read this article: "Four Ways to Use Cell Phones in the Classroom" on this link:

Any suggestions on how to convince the Ministry of Education in my country of the positive effect that its use can have on teaching and learning?

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Hi Clarita.  Cell phones can be used to get instant feedback from your students like senteos.  You can use a survey website like .  You could use it for exit tickets, opinions, etc.  We aren't allowed to use cell phones in our schools as well but we have used this at professional development sessions.  Good luck!

Thanks for  the link Kate.

Here are some blogs that I have followed in regards to cell phones in the classroom.  You can find a lot of research to support the use of cell phones from these authors.

Good luck!

Karen thanks for the links. I will follow them too.

I would be cautious to incorporate cell phones in the classroom. Students need technology skills but, let them learn how to use a cell phone on their own time. I would worry that it would encourage texting and class and playing games rather than encourage learning.

Hi Bryan,

I see your point. However, don't you think if we warn them beforehand and let them know the consequences of doing contrary to what is expected of them that they would heed to our warnings?

What works well is bringing students into the conversation of appropriate use. Many teachers also empower students to be responsible for consequences.  

As far as students texting or playing games, that can be addressed via appropriate use and also making learning relevant and engaging enough that they'll be interested in staying on task.


I am in agreement with you.

Just like anything else there are pros and cons to using the cell phones in the classroom.  Our students aren't allowed to have their cell phones out- they have to be off and out of sight.  Incorporating them into the classroom could be difficult simply because you have no way to monitor what they are actually doing.

Patty, your thoughts have crossed my mind too. It's a pity that the students can't see the benefits that can be had with the use of the cellphones in the classroom.

You can monitor what students on doing on cell phones the same way you can if they are using any other technology...including paper / pencil.

Cellphone use is not allowed in our district as well, at least not as an educational tool yet.  The hardest part is how to monitor the use of it.  We can make all the rules very clear, have students and parents sign some kind of agreement but there is just too much accountability.  Until we can find a way to monitor the use of it like how university can see what is on someones computer, then it is going to be a difficult case to pursue I guess even with all the research out there. 



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