I work with K-12 teachers in a science-focused setting, and they'll be using some Ubuntu netbooks with their students. I'd like to add some science-specific applications to the computers. Right now, I've got Kalzium, Stellarium, and Celestia. Can anyone out there suggest any others? (I'm specifically interested in biology and environmental science applications, as well as apps for 6th-12th-grade students.)


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If you use the Vernier probeware, check out Logger Pro 3 which is in free Beta public release for Linux. http://www.vernier.com/soft/lpl/
We do use those tools -- thanks for the link!
Not bio or environmental, but there's some stuff at Open Source Physics that will work in Ubuntu http://www.opensourcephysics.org/projects/ I've used Tracker for video analysis of motion at it is awesome.

The Concord Consortium also has a variety of tools. Most are Java based so should run on Ubuntu.
Great ideas! Thanks!

I just came across your discussion. Here is something a little different that I am trying with my fifth graders. I am using Arduino, a single board micro controller, that you use to control lights, motors, etcetera. Students control the board using Sketch, an open source Integrated development environment. Build timers to robots, the sky is the limit.



Oh, I also run an Ubuntu LTSP lab in my classroom.

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