This year, put your school on the map: Add a global dimension to your teaching

You have come to Classroom 2.0 to learn and share from other dedicated and passionate teachers.

You really are trying to prepare "21st century lessons" for your students.

You also know: 1) Students become better readers and writers when they practice authentically, not just filling in a worksheet or doing multiple guess exercises.

2) Preparing students for success in global society means connecting with others outside your school, state or country. That’s why I invite you to add your voice to a new movement:

“Pledge to Take Your School Global.”

The mission is simple: We’re asking teachers, parents and students worldwide to pledge to take just one action this year to connect with learners in another part of the world. When students share and collaborate across the globe, they explore their curiosity about our planet’s diversity, get excited to use technology and cultivate invaluable 21st century communication skills as they go. They think beyond what the textbook tells them and wonder about others, where and how they live. 


Teachers who belong to the ePals Global Community, a social learning network that connects classrooms around the world, have seen first hand how global collaboration improves student learning. 70% of Global Community students write more often, 75% write better. More than half of Global Community classrooms report a stronger grasp of the “real world” purpose of class lessons.

It’s a single step. Start with a pledge.

Submit your pledge here 

Committed to authentic learning? Share your commitment by “Liking” the pledge on Facebook and encouraging friends, parents and colleagues to follow your lead.


Here's an example of a high school teacher in Virginia who uses the ePals Global Community:

As a computer resource specialist and ePals coordinator, I use ePals to inspire teachers to use technology in engaging ways to help their students develop higher level thinking skills. With ePals from around the globe, we complete long-term, short-term, and one-time exchange projects. Our students exchange email letters, snail mail packages, postcards, handcrafted greeting cards, electronic cards, and so much more.

Read more:


It's free to join the ePals Global Community, to use collaborative projects, and to post student work.

If you want to learn more, sign up for a webinar: or check out the ePals tutorials:

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Top 10 countries making pledge to Go Global in the classroom this semester:

United States 415
Egypt 84
Philippines 81
India 41
Australia 23
Bangladesh 23
Nepal 23
Canada 21
Indonesia 21
Russia 21
You can take the pledge too: Click here



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