When Google Wave finally releases later this year it is going to stir up things across almost every industry. It has tremendous implications for education and stands to be the most intuitive collaboration tool ever conceived. Check out my post on ISTEConnects and let me know what you think! How might this tool might shape the future of education? See you at NECC 2009 very soon!

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Email me with the email addresses you'd like the invites to be sent to.
Invitations have been dispatched to those email addresses, Brian. No idea how long it takes Google to follow through these days. It seems to be happening sooner lately.

Hi Eric,

I have a question, and I am hoping you can help me out. I received a wave invitation yesterday - woohoo! My understanding is that you cannot invite people to your wave unless they already have an invitation, but once they have an account you can add them as contacts or request to add them? Do you know if that is correct? If that's the case, would it be possible for me to become involved in the Wave in Class wave you described in your post? How do I do that? Do I need to be invited?


Go to this URL:


As soon as you post something to the wave, you'll be added to the member list, numbering 200 at present.

Add me to your contacts: egsnyder@googlewave.com and I'll be able to connect with you on wave. I can help you with your other questions from there.

Ditto!... I'm here 'cuz it's still 'loading'... hehehe!

Thanks Eric, found you and found the wave, let's continue the conversation over there, perhaps?

Is it still possible to join this wave? I have a wave account but I can't "see" that wave.
Maggie Hennessy
Did you click on Eric's link? if you wait, it should load, and you should also be able to "follow" it... meaning, add it to your 'inbox'... I think?
... do they have the 800 Pound Gorilla doing the promotion for them?... are those API's Open Source? ... and do investors care about them as much as they do with Dr. Schmidt's antics?

I'd say that's why it's worth watching... also some mention "mind mapping", which is new to me, but sounds rather exciting, CMAC-wise...

My two cents


#GoogleWave #Beta #Tester #Search ^SM
Anyone here already waving? seems so, would like to continue the conversation over there, perhaps?


#GoogleWave #Beta #Tester #Search

@FJPalacio on Twitter

I'd like to share a cheatsheet for Google Wave: http://goo.gl/nGsD (available in English, French, and Spanish)



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