I have been in conversation with the organizations of TEDx http://www.ted.com/tedx. There is a desire to bring the TED talks into the schools within the mission of TEDX:
In the spirit of "Ideas Worth Spreading," TEDx is a program that enables schools, businesses, libraries or just groups of friends to enjoy a TED-like experience through events they themselves organize, design and host. We're supporting approved organizers by offering a free toolset that includes detailed advice, the right to use recorded TEDTalks, promotion on our site, connection to other organizers, and a little piece of our brand in the form of the TEDx label.

Do you want to become a TEDx classroom? Help reinvent education? I agreed (passionately) to help organize a group of a few 6th to 12th grade teachers who want to develop and pilot curriculum to go along with the TED talks. This is a grassroots initiative with no agenda other than to use TED talks (free and inspiring tools!) as springboards for additional instructional strategies . . . and to connect it all to standards for legitimacy. As its development is based on a participatory model, no curriculum, goals, nor agenda has been established. It is truly a from the group-up effort. Let me know if you'd like to help with its development and we will go from there.

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I'd definitely be interested! I'm in the midst of a master's degree program in addition to teaching full time so my time is a bit limited, but I love the TED talks and might have some future opportunities in my classes to more easily make use of TED talks.
Jackie, I'd love to be involved. While I teach K-5, I teach gifted, so do much with the curriculum at 6-8, especially in math. is there a place for me?

Hi -- I'm a secondary teacher in Canada and would love to be involved. I'm very busy until early July but will take a look at whatever you can send me now and let the ideas percolate.--SueH
I'd be interested, although, like Paula, I'm not sure how I fit in. I teach math in grades 10-12. I teach in a day treatment center for emotionally impaired kids. I also teach one class called "Group" or "Personal Adjustment" which is discussion/health type class where we discuss issues related to the kids and their disability.

I love the TED talks, though, and would love to be a part of this if I can.

Thanks for your response. This is a truly a ground up, participant-driven project. The participating teachers will explore the possibilities - so there really isn't a fitting in. I will be setting up a wiki page for ideas and interactions this week.
I am interested in helping with this. I am a teacher in Australia who has worked with many web2.0 tools, including virtual classroom software, videoconferencing etc. I teach information technollogy or computer studies to classes from years 2 to 12. I have also worked on the flatclassroom projects with Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis and that would be a fascinating project to use Tedtalk style.
I'd be interested in hearing more about this. I download TED talks often because they relate to my AP Language and Composition classroom. I'd be in for seeing how we could connect them to higher level critical thinking skills, etc.



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