Hey everybody. I have my first technology specialist interview, and was looking for insights as to the kind of questions I'd be asked. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I would love to know how you get on in the interview and also would be interested in responses.

I'm currently taking graduate classes to add Technology in Education Certificate to my qualifications.  Next year I don't think my district will be able to support my stipend as the DLS.  It was grant based through EETT.  I would love to take my experience and new certificate and apply for positions.  Any advice would be welcomed

Here is what I would ask:

  • What is your philosophy on technology in education? (ie: 1:1, 1 or 2 machines as classroom centers, dedicated computer teacher/technology as a core subject, etc)
  • Windows of Mac? with rational
  • iOS or Android? with rational
  • Thumbdrives, file server or cloud computing? with rational
  • I give you $50,000 to integrate technology in to my school, how would you spend it (with rational)?
  • Project-based instruction or individual lessons?
  • Describe a lesson/project/experience you would implement for each grade you would interact with
  • What is your comfort level/proficiency with troubleshooting technical issues - are you capable of being an internal tech support as well as instructional support?
  • Printers... thoughts?

Those are some of the things that come to mind that I would want to hear the answers to if I were hiring a technology integration specialist

Hope it helps

A few questions that I have been asked when going on Ed. Tech Specialist job interviews are:

1. How do you get faculty members who have no interest in technology or are afraid to use technology interested in it.

2. How would you respond to this statement from faculty "With all the curriculum I have to cover I don't have time to use technology."?

3. Give an example of a technology that you led a training on and explain how you conducted that training.


What is your vision for technology integration in schools? What do you believe are the important trends in educational technology? Are you comfortable doing virtual as well as live training? What characteristics/qualifications do you bring to the job that make you qualified? How do you handle the "reluctant" teacher who is not comfortable with technology integration in the classroom? Can you give unique examples of how you would provide professional development? Are you PC or MAC oriented? What place do you see for ipads/tablets/e-readers in the classroom? Are you active in any professional associations? Conference speaker? etc.


I agree with the questions below on project based learning, troubleshooting, philosophy, etc.  I went through my interview almost a year ago...and I have a dream job now! Good luck to you.


Thank you for all of the input. I had the interview, and got the call today for the second one. They asked pretty much what you all said: mostly focused on technologies I am familiar with and how I have used them/would use them in other subjects. Now to book a flight and travel across the country.



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