Hi everyone! My name is Lindsey Celeste and I am currently attending college to become a teacher. I am currently taking a course and need to learn about some of the technologies being used in the classroom today and how they are being used. If anyone has any insight to give me, I would really appreciate it!

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Hmmm, someone asked a very similar question to you earlier. Here was my response. Hope it helps.

There are lots of great blogs you can read to help improve your knowledge of what is out there. Mine is... http://www.educationtechnologyblog.com/ and if you click on my Blogroll, you will see all the other ones that I read on a regular basis. If you haven't already started reading some of these, then this would be a great place to start.
Thank you! I will definitely start looking at some of these, but if you had to pick one classroom technology that you like the best, what would you pick and why?
My top 3 at the moment, (see how deftly I sidestepped your 'pick one' question?), would be Wordle, Animoto and Glogster. Why? They all work at elementary level, (which is what I teach), they are all free, and they can all be used across the curriculum.
Great, thank you so much!
I recently wrote this tutorial on how to get started with Animoto if you are interested...


...and I have one waiting to be published on Glogster...
I would definitely pick Google Wave as my favorite in class technology - because it allows me to type notes with other people, collaboratively in real time - and it is free.

I would like to invite you to take advantage of the information available for educators using Google Wave at my blog


you can also 'ping' me on Wave: lorenrbaum@googlewave.com
Thank you!
Good question and good to see that this area is being explored at the college level. I'm a sixth grade reading teacher and I'll share my top...

I've recently been using edmodo - because of its assessment features and ability to post my own assignments online.
It's very easy to set up class accounts. Check it out.
I've also used Twiddla and wordle with my kids and they loved them.

I also am getting used to google wave-lots of potential there, but feel a bit limited if the kids would have to provide an email
Thank you, this helps a lot! I will definitely have to check these out.
Is this an assignment for class? Great assignment if so....seems there are a lot of you all on here. Good for your professor. You can check out my blog for some tools. http://zimmertis.blogspot.com

I agree with the earlier post about Wordle...great for Elementary students, especially vocabulary.
Yes, this is for an assignment for class and thank you this will help a lot!



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