Tablets in K-6 classrooms to supplement and replace textbooks

Hello everyone!

My school is considering implementing tablets to use in place of textbooks. I am interested in speaking with someone who has experience with integrating these devices in their school. We will most likely go the Android route as the possibility exists of a relationship with an Android tablet developer.

Thank you!

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I'm interested in doing the same.  Have you done any research yet?  I have textbook moneys I want to spent on tablets instead.  Let me know if you're any further in the process.


Hi Matt, this post is a little late, but I just joined up.  We started helping schools acquire Android tablets last year and found that there were not good packages to manage them & let teachers control apps that students could use or easily distribute apps to groups of we started developing one and we released it just a few months ago as beta.  It's called TabPilot.  We actually started out with an idea it would be primarily for lower grades, but it turns out that we're finding that it's good for all levels...even have a college wanting to use it.  

Anyhow, as a result, we're now in touch with a number of schools using Android tablets at various levels from elementary through high school.  I'd be happy to try to put you in touch with some that might be the same age group where you're deploying, or just share ideas on what we've seen from our first few pilot sites in terms of textbook replacement and such.

I'm not sure where the developer tie-in would be that you mention, but if that's still of interest, tell more about what you have in mind.

Hi Jarrett,

I just came across your post here. I am currently seeking information on this very subject! We are seeking information on both Kindle or an Android device to replace textbooks in our classrooms.

I would be very appreciative if you could contact me.


Dawn Crook




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