Specific guidelines needed for Ning subdomain content filter unblocking

I am writing to seek help with a situation regarding our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices (COV) project Ning. This is accessible from both:




I found and have scanned the following posts on Classroom 2.0 which relate to this:




What I am wondering is if all school content filters can be adjusted to permit text, images, and videos from our COV website to be viewed without opening up the entire Ning.com domain? Is there someone in Ning support that we can direct school IT people to work with in coordinating this? TwoTrees is one of the Internet content filtering companies that a lot of Oklahoma Schools work with:


I understand that some school districts do not want to permit access to all Ning websites, and a big part of the reason our COV project is paying to have a custom subdomain is to facilitate access to OUR Ning website and not ask schools or their content filtering companies to open up their network to all of Ning.

I have sent the attached memo out to our project participants today, and would like to provide them with more info and specific guidance (including guidance for their IT staff or IT consultants managing content filters) so they can provide access to our Ning learning community site for all students and teachers in their districts.


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Hi, Wes!

My understanding is that you just need to block the specific subdomain form Ning (or the custom domain), and then also unblock http//api.ning.com for the images. I believe that this has worked for many folks.__We've also talked about this a few times on http://education.ning.com, which I would recommend that anyone using Ning in education join. Part of the consulting work that I do for Ning is to oversee that network.

Please let me know if for any reason I haven't fully understood or addressed the issue! :)
Excellent, thanks Steve! I had read about needing to unblock api.ning.com as well, so we'll ask our participating districts to whitelist that URL as well and see if that works!



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