I am looking for a classroom or persons to Skype with that will help enrich my classroom's curriculum as well as enhance my student's 21st century learning skills.  I have a 2nd/3rd grade combination classroom in a urban/suburban community in milwaukee county.  I am new to this and would like to pilot something that would help kick start other classrooms into the Skype world.  My students do not know much outside of their community, what a great resource!

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Here is a brief clip of my students having a Skype conference with a former student who moved to Singapore for a year. We used Skype and had the students come up with questions for their friend. We also used Google Earth and Maps to check out where he was living and to build a little bit of background knowledge prior to the Skype conference.


It was a really cool learning experience for everyone involved. The student who is in Singapore shared lots of interesting information with his former classmates. What was really neat was at one point, the kids asked what time it was and the student said 10pm and showed all of our kids the moon from his 25th story apartment. The kids just gasped. Skype can be a great tool.
I would be interested in doing this if you would like to talk to a classroom from Ohio.
I would be interested. What grade?
I work for an education service center in Kansas. If you give me a heads up on what you want to do, we may be able to help you. Let me know. :)
I would like to do some conferencing with Skype in my content areas (reading, math, insects, matter, history, geography...) with either other classrooms or experts. It would not be that often but a resource when needed.
We may be able to help. We're usually always available as we're taking Streaming content to the classroom through Adobe connect at the moment. However, we'd love to do a skype call as we do have a Science Center here on our campus where we can access most materials science related. We have taught the lifecycle of animals...but we have hissing cockroaches available to us and I know for a fact that we've gone over the body parts of insects and discuss their lifecycle and such too. You are more than welcome to reach me at russ.wilcox@greenbush.org or to discuss through skype at Russ_826.
I'm always impressed when I come across teachers who want to take that extra step to bring their classroom to the 21st century. Skype can be a great tool and a great idea for the use of digital pen pals across the world. However, just like any other messaging system, there are safety and privacy risks that you should be aware of, such as online predators and phishing scams that can invade your school's computers. Take a look at this guide that goes over the potential risks and how to ensure your students' privacy on Skype.
I teach second.
One of our third grade classes, in a suburb north of New York City, would love to correspond with your students via Skype. I am happy to work with you to set it up. This is my first time posting - I'm not sure what we do. Do I send you a message directly?
I would love to do this but for some reason my Skype connection is not working. I have an email to my district to see if they can help. I will get back to you so we can set this up. Thanks.
I would love to do this. I am not sure what to do either. I think we should put together some get to know you questions and then set a time and date. Then have the students ask eachother questions. Then later we do some curriculum work. My contact on Skype is blh from west allis, wi.
Hi Bridget,

We would love to Skype with you and your students. I teach a graded 3 - 4 looping class in Scarborough, Maine. We are piloting Skype and looking for fun ways to incorporate it into our classroom lessons. You can add me as a Skype contact: mrsalbert25




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